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12 Top Keto Pasta Recipes for a Dairy-Free Diet

keto pasta recipes

Keto pasta recipes are a great way to enjoy your favorite pasta dishes while sticking to a ketogenic diet.

There are many different ways to make keto pasta, and you can experiment with different ingredients and methods to find the perfect dish for your taste buds.

Whether you’re in the mood for a hearty lasagna or a light and refreshing pasta salad, there’s a keto pasta recipe out there for you.

And, best of all, these recipes are all low in carbs and high in fat, so they fit perfectly into a ketogenic diet. 

Low-carb, gluten-free, grain-free keto pasta recipes to suit a low-carb lifestyle. Enjoy it will keto curries or with kinds of ketchup or alfredo sauce.

So what are you waiting for? Get cooking!



In the keto pasta dish, mostly spaghetti squash is used instead of noodles and it tastes great! It’s also healthy for you because it contains potassium, and vitamins A and C. 


Will pasta kick me out of ketosis?

General pasta with flour contains a lot of carbs.

A high-calorie and high-carb pasta will surely kick you out of ketosis, and that is why there are so many low-carb pasta recipes that are well suited for a keto lifestyle.


Is there keto-friendly pasta?

There are shirataki noodles or different recipes of low-carb keto pasta with coconut and almond flour as noted below.

Here is a range of keto pasta recipes that are keto-friendly and keto substitutes for pasta.

These keto portions of pasta will not kick you out of ketosis. Rather they are delicious and well-suited for a nutritious diet.


What is keto pasta made of?

It is basically made with 2 -ingredients mozzarella cheese and egg yolk.

The other ingredients are mixed up in different portions for enhanced taste and nutrition.

The keto pasta dough can also be used to make keto bagels or keto breadsticks.


What sauce goes with low-carb keto pasta recipes?

If you do not like egg recipes then you can go for 9 no-eggs breakfast recipes suited for the keto diet.


Wondering what is a keto substitute for pasta? Here it goes:



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A super easy pasta to make and it tastes amazing.

A lot of people think they will be missing their favorite carbs when eating this way, but you won’t find any craving for regular pasta after trying these!

All you need are 2 ingredients: mozzarella cheese and egg yolk. That’s all it takes!

Can’t believe this keto substitute pasta is just made up of 2 ingredients.

Another surprising part is that it takes only 1 minute to cook.

Net carbs: 3g, Fat: 22g, Protein: 33g

Recipe from



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This is a delicious recipe to satisfy any craving for pasta but without the carbs.

These Egg-Free Keto Pasta are made with a mix of psyllium husk and mozzarella, so they’re high in protein and low in carbohydrates.

This dish only takes 5 minutes to prepare and 5 minutes to cook, making it perfect for weeknight dinners when you don’t have time to cook!

In total a 5-star recipe.

Nobody in your family will ever know that it is not regular pasta if you are not telling it.

Net Carbs: 1g, Fat: 6.3g, Protein: 6.2g

Recipe from



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What’s a low-carb keto noodle?

These noodles are made of eggs, mozzarella, and cream cheese which make them both gluten-free and low-carb. They’re also high in fiber so they’ll keep you full for hours.

The best part is that these noodles can be used in any dish calling for pasta or noodles – the possibilities are endless!

This is a cheesy keto noodle recipe that will go with any kind of keto curry.

Check out:

Net carbs: 1g, Fat: 12g, Protein: 11g

Recipe from



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When you are looking for ways to reduce the number of carbs in your diet, then this pasta recipe is perfect.

It’s a great way to enjoy your pasta without feeling guilty or feeling like you’re missing out on anything delicious. 

Keto-friendly and easy to make. Spread keto ketchup to make it delicious.

This is a lupin flour recipe.

If you do not know what is lupin flour, then let me say lupin flour is a low-carb flour made from the lupin bean. This flour is keto-friendly.

Recipe from



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Noodle cravings can strike at any time! I find myself craving noodles often, but hate feeling sluggish and heavy afterward. That’s why these homemade keto noodles are perfect.

The recipe is quick and easy to make, and they’re absolutely delicious.

It has 2g of net carbs per serving.

Yet another great-looking keto noodle.

I would not recommend soaking it in any warm sauce as the noodles may start dissolving.

Make sure to give this one a try because it may just become your favorite meal too!

Recipe from



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Keto egg noodles contain just four ingredients: eggs, butter, cream cheese, and almond flour!

You can add any seasonings or herbs you want to this dish, but it tastes amazing on its own.

This recipe is perfect if you are looking for a low-carb pasta replacement that will still satisfy your cravings without all the carbs in regular noodles.

You can use cream cheese, yogurt, or curd cheese to make these keto noodles.

Add herbs like oregano, basil, or onion powder to add to the taste.

Carbs: 1g, Fat: 17g, Protein: 7g

Recipe from



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Yet another 2-ingredient keto pasta recipe.

Well, it’s an amazing low-carb alternative to traditional noodles. They are made from eggs and cheese, and they taste like heaven!

You can keep this pasta uncooked and wrapped in a plastic bag for up to a week.

Cook it when you need it.

Net carbs: 1g, Fat: 25g, Protein: 12g

Recipe from



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This is not a very low-carb baked pasta keto recipe but still falls under the keto diet.

Grab your favorite jar of marinara sauce, some cheese, and garlic from the fridge. In minutes you have a delicious meal that will satisfy any craving!

Spaghetti squash is flavorful and easy to make.

The flavor of Balsamic vinegar will pop up in every spoon you take.

Net carbs: 9.1g, Fat: 17.7, Protein: 6.6g

Recipe from



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The best low-carb gnocchi you can make the almond flour.

These have a crispier exterior that’s crispy and crunchy on the outside with just enough chewiness inside to make them perfect for any meal of the day.

They’re also low-carb, so they won’t spike your blood sugar levels!

The lemon zest and sage leaves add up a beautiful flavor.

Net carbs: 6g, Fat: 43g, Protein: 14g

Recipe from



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Yet another baked feta pasta recipe.

There’s nothing like a great pasta dish to get you in the mood for a cozy, delicious meal.

Add some cheese and garlic flavors that will leave your mouth watering and have you wanting more!

The best part? It’s quick, easy, and doesn’t require anything too fancy.

The baked pasta is absolutely delicious and tastes perfect with the basil leaves.

The cherry tomatoes with the cheese give a distinguished flavor.

Net carbs: 5g, Fat: 18g, Protein: 8g

Recipe from



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Play with the shapes in making these beautiful varieties of homemade keto gnocchi.

Do you love gnocchi but worry about eating gluten-free? This recipe is for you!

This keto gnocchi is made with coconut flour, cream cheese, eggs, and guar gum.

The texture of the dough is perfect, and they taste just like traditional potato gnocchi.

Plus, they’re low in carbs so you can enjoy them guilt-free. 

If you want them crispy just give a light fry in garlic oil and sage to bring the perfect flavor.

Net carbs: 5g, Fat: 18g, Protein: 8g

Recipe from



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Who doesn’t love a good plate of noodles?

But for those with gluten intolerance, traditional wheat-based pasta is off-limits.

So here comes the almond flour pasta that is going to be the best-textured pasta you will ever make.

This will look and taste smooth with amazing results.

Recipe from


My Take on Keto Pasta

The main difference between keto pasta made with eggs or coconut flour versus wheat-based ones is their calorie content.

I love pasta, pizza, and noodles recipes.

Surprisingly keto has every alternative to these cravings with a low-carb version to suit the keto lifestyle. 

There are hundreds of keto pasta and noodles recipes that you can make.

From chicken pasta to delicious shrimp noodles.


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12 Top Keto Pasta Recipes for a Dairy-Free Diet

Pasta is a favorite food for many people, but it's not always the healthiest option. These keto pasta recipes are the perfect alternative- they're low in carbs and calories, but still taste amazing!
The best keto pasta recipes in town. Make your own homemade keto pasta.
Try them out tonight.
Course Keto dinner
Cuisine Italian
Keyword keto pasta recipes, low-carb pasta recipes
Prep Time 15 minutes
Cook Time 20 minutes
Servings 4 servings
Calories 300kcal
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  • Choose your favorite pasta recipes to make.
  • Follow the instructions to make creamy, delectable, and homemade pasta.
  • Eat healthily and be in ketosis.


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