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3 Best Keto Queso Dip Recipes for the Appetizers



I love dips that make appetizers tasty.

The spicy and cheesy keto queso dips.

You can easily fit them into your daily macro counts if you are following a strict ketogenic diet!

So whether you need to dip your appetizers or need a creamy delicious dip for your salads these recipes will be your go-to queso recipes.


Queso dips are insanely delicious dips for any low-carb snacks or keto appetizers.

They are mostly made with just 3 ingredients – cheese, heavy cream, and chili peppers – they’re ready in under 15 minutes.


Queso Dips are a Mexican dish consisting of melted cheese mixed with various other ingredients, such as chilies and cilantro.

Queso dips can be served in a bowl or on top of chips. It can also serve as the base for a soup by adding chicken broth to it before simmering it until thickened.

Add your favorite vegetables that will pair well with the spicy flavor- like zucchini squash or carrots! You could even add some chopped bacon!

This would make an awesome appetizer dip at any party you attend.


Can you eat queso on keto?

Yes, but since queso are a bit higher on carbs so it is better to use homemade queso dips.

Queso dip recipes are widely popular recipe. But when you are on a ketogenic diet then it is of utmost importance for us to keep a track of the ingredients used in the recipes.

Here come the keto queso dip recipes with dairy-free and low-carb ingredients to be in ketosis.


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Image and recipe by

Read the instructions carefully not to get the texture way thicker.

This recipe uses low-carb ingredients to make a queso dip that is perfect for any keto diet.

It can be served with chips, vegetables, or even as the sauce in your favorite keto dish.

Low-carb dieters will love this easy and delicious recipe!

This queso dip is healthy and tastes just like real cheese but without all the carbs. 

Net carbs: 5.7g, Fat: 18.1g, Protein: 11.1g

The homemade queso recipe from



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A healthy recipe that cannot get much easier than this one.

It’s quick and easy to make with just 3 ingredients.

Ingredients used: Heavy cream, diced jalapeno peppers, and Cheddar or Mexican cheese.

Carbs: 3g, Fat: 25g, Protein: 11g

The easy queso dip recipe from



Image and recipe by

This is a warm, creamy, cheesy, addictive dip for a low-carb snack or a keto appetizer.

It’s easy to make and it tastes delicious!

You can serve it with tortilla chips or as a taco topping. 

Ingredients used: Butter, Garlic, green chilies, chilly powder, shredded Mexican cheese, sour cream, heavy cream.

Net carbs: 2g, Fat: 12g, Protein: 5g

The addictive queso dip recipe from


My Take on Queso Dips:

People eat more when they dip their chips in queso.

Queso is appealing because it’s rich and creamy, which makes people feel indulgent and satisfied even though the calorie count can be high.

So to cut off the carbs, try out the homemade keto-friendly queso dips.

Keep your Keto queso dips ready for any side dishes or keto salads. 

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3 Best Keto Queso Dip Recipes for the Appetizers

These keto cheese dip recipes are so easy that you can have it whipped up in just 5 minutes.
Serve with your favorite creamy, low carb queso dippers for a perfect party appetizer.
Course Appetizer
Cuisine American
Keyword keto queso dips
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 10 minutes
Servings 4 servings
Calories 300kcal
Author Moumita


  • Choose the recipe you want to make.
  • Follow the instructions and make the perfect homemade queso dip recipe.
  • Spread it over any appetizers or salads.


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