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A BIG Welcome to all the fitness enthusiasts on their weight loss journey with healthy low calorie snacks to easy keto meal prep.

A blog space specifically created for healthy recipes, low-calorie sugarless desserts, and low-carb meals.

Recipes for appetizers, breakfast on the go, mixed drinks, smoothies, fat-burning foods, paleo diet, recipes for beginners, eggless breakfast, quick and lazy meals, lunch for work, meal prep ideas, low-calorie snacks, oatmeal recipes, and keto-friendly vegetable list.

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Make your busy mornings easier with quick and easy breakfast recipes.

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Healthy foods to incorporate into your daily life. These amazing foods keep us fit, have a balanced diet, and have nutritional values.

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About Moumita,

Hey there!

I always wanted to have a place where I can keep all the healthy recipes stored. Whether it is curated or my own recipes to keep the extra weight off.

Hence, the blog was created. Follow along if you too want to follow clean, healthy, low-carb recipes.

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