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About Me

Thank you so much for stopping by.

Just like you, I am also interested in being fit.

I am not only speaking of physical fitness but mind relaxation too which is extremely necessary to keep our life flowing.

Shedding off weight is really tough if proper nutrition is not followed.

Needless to say, it requires a good amount of exercise too.

What I have found is, that exercises act as a catalyst to our brain that we need to eat healthily. 70% of the magic is contributed by good and proper diets.

Whatever posts I do here are my personal experiences. Whether the Keto diet which I followed all the year along, helped me lose a tremendous amount of body weight, or yoga has helped me keep my mind and body sane.

I put up here all the low-carb keto dishes which are too delicious to avoid and also the healthy snacks and recipes that provide us the healthy fat.

If you have any medical issues then prior to changing your diet, definitely catch up with your nutritionist.

I’m so glad you stopped by FitnessBash1, and hope you’ll continue to come back and hang out.


Enjoy and be FIT and MOTIVATED.

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